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Cloud Architecture & Engineering

Design and deploy dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS. Select appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements. Migrate complex, multi-tier applications on AWS. Design and deploy enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS. Implement cost-control strategies.


Back-End Development

We use server-side languages like Python, Java, and PHP to build an application, and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server to find, save, or change data and serve it back to the user in front-end code. We create applications with clean, portable, well-documented code. We collaborate with business stakeholders to understand their particular needs, then translate those into technical requirements and come up with the most effective and efficient solution.


DevOps Engendering

Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS. Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation. Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS. Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform. Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes.


Front-End Development

Our front-end developers approach a wide range of modern technologies and frameworks, like Ember, Angular, and React. They always improve coding skills to ensure that your users receive a quality app. We have extensive experience in Front-end software development. Our engineers employ the latest technologies, frameworks and components to create solutions that combine a strong easy-to-use modern design with high performance.

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